Rider's Abilities

COMPLETE BEGINNER: No Experience up to a rider who is learning how to do rising trot.

BEGINNER: A rider who is beginning to walk and trot independently and is capable of rising trot.

NOVICE: A rider who can ride independently at walk and trot with limited experience or is developing balance/control with short canters.  This includes riders who are typically use to riding in an arena and/or western riders.

INTERMEDIATE: A rider who has ridden English style regularly and is independently in all paces outwith an arena – Possibly started jumping.  If riders usually ride in another style, such as western, then they must have ridden multiple times in an English saddle - understanding the different aids and being competent with rising trot and cantering in a two point in an English saddle. 

EXPERIENCED: A rider who regularly rides in English style outwith an arena and is independent in all paces with experienced and confident on different horses hacking in groups. - possibly done low level competing.

ADVANCED: A rider who has previously or currently competing at a higher level in English style – such as BE100, BSJA Discovery, Racing, BD Elementary or equivalent.  Rider is used to riding a variety of horses. Ability to handle a spirited horse in open country.

Intermediate riders, who have not ridden with us in the last 6 months, are unlikely to be able to canter on their first ride back.  Unfortunately only intermediate and above riders have the possibility of riding on the beach.