Frequently Asked Questions and Information


Can we book as a party or group?

Can I walk with the horses?

Single group bookings are welcome and can be of mixed abilities for up to 8 riders (depending on height, weight and experience). However, depending on levels you may not be able to get to the beach. If you have a larger group we can split so some ride and some walk, or go to the beach.  Most of our treks can be accompanied on foot for the majority of the ride, some short cuts are recommended. If in doubt, get in touch and we can arrange a group booking.

Can I bring a dog?

We have dogs, which our horses are well use to and often accompany us. We do ask that if you want to being a dog then it must be on a lead with a person on foot and waiting in the car park. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times for their own safety and should not be allowed to get too close to the horses who might kick out if they feel threatened. We cannot take responsibility for injuries caused to dogs accompanying the trek.  

How early should I arrive?

Try to arrive ten minutes early. This will give you time to fill out the paperwork and get your hat sorted.  Your session includes getting stirrups sorted, mounting and unmounting. On occasion, all the ride leaders might be busy or even out taking rides when you arrive. We apologise if this happens, but please wait at reception and we promise we will be over to say hello as soon as we can.

What should I wear?

In cold or wet weather you should wear warm, waterproof clothes with a coat that can be zipped or buttoned closed so that it doesn't flap. In warm weather you should wear long trousers (Or Jodhpurs!) and a long sleeved top is preferred. Whilst shorts and thin clothes might keep you cool, they will not give much protection. Flat shoes or riding boots are advised, but sandals or open toed shoes are strictly not allowed due to safety concerns.

What if the weather is bad?

Cold and rain don't stop horses, please remember to bring warm and waterproof clothing. If the wind makes riding unpleasant, we might select a different route for safety or comfort. The trek leader will agree this with you on the day. In case of Extreme weather, we might have to change or postpone the booking and offer another time or refund. 

Can we got at a fast pace?

Our rides focus on both horse and rider enjoying the ride, rather than being a high speed ride.  We use neck straps to help riders maintain their balance and will ask riders to hold on to these to ensure horses are comfortable. We do not ride in a single file, so you are able to chat to one another.

All riders will initially be treated as beginners, please don't be offended by this.  The ride leader will assess your ability and if they are satisfied you that you are safe and confident with the horse (The minimum ability is to be able to comfortably canter in an open space), you will be able to canter if it is safe to do so. 

I'm use to riding Western is it different?

Yes - we often find even the most experienced wester riders are at our novice riding level. All our horses are trained to English aids. This can feel very different and feel like your learning all over again, if you are use to a different style. 

I would like to go on a beach ride. What should I know?

Only riders who are of and have been assessed to be of our  Intermediate and above level are able to go to the beach.  Unfortunately due to the nature of Seacliff Beach,  it isn't possible to guarantee getting onto the beach - during peak season and spells of good weather the beach is unlikely as it attracts a lot of visitors.  During these times, to give you the highest probability of getting to the beach we recommend a morning ride (typically 8.30 am), working around the tide times.  The beach is best experienced at low tide as more flat beach is available, we can advise on the best times of day for a particular date.

What is your weight limit?

We have a couple of horses which can carry up to 14 stone/88kg/196lbs.  Please be honest with your weight and consider what it will be fully clothed as this is in place to look after our horses. If you are over this weight we are also able to offer carriage driving. Please contact us if you need further advice.  

What is your age limit?

We can take children from 4 years old and upwards.  We don't have any upper age limit equally we want riders to enjoy themselves and be comfortable. If you have never been on a horses and you are older it can be more uncomfortable on your hips.

Can we groom the horses on arrival?

Can I feed the horses?

If you would like a little more time with your horse we have created the 1.15 hour session to allow people to have some time to at the beginning or end of the session to meet and groom the horse. We might also be able to make some time with shorter sessions if the horse is not busy. Since the horses are seeing lots of people we ask that you do not feed the horses directly. If you have a treat for them we will put them in the feed bucket.

Can I tack up my own horse?

If this is something you would like to do this is possible with out 1.15 hour sessions.   If not so experienced you will be helped by a member of staff and tack will be checked for your safety and the welfare of the horse.

What days are you open?

If you are booking a one off session, during peak season, are encouraged these to be booked Tuesday to Friday, as weekends are typically fully booked with regular riders.  We run 8 week blocks, which we provide initial availability to. 

Are you open in the winter?

We try to be open all year round. In winter, the shorter days might mean we can take fewer bookings, and we might have to change or cancel bookings due to extremes of wet, cold or windy weather.  We are closed on Mondays and few days over Christmas and New Year.

Do you offer longer or private sessions?

We do offer bespoke packages for riders looking for a special ride.  This could be for experienced rider looking for a longer session or someone just looking for a private ride.  We have had people use these rides for engagements.