Carol's Hopetoun Challenge 2011

Balgoed Explorer Eric and I have set ourselves a challenge to compete at Hopetoun Horse Driving Trials (driving tandem with Scole Balnasuim) on 27 -29 May 2011 and Hopetoun International British Eventing on 30 July 2011. I do not believe this has ever been done before by the same horse and rider/driver combination.

I have chosen to raise money for two charities which are close to my heart through this challenge

My father died 22 years ago from Parkinsons. Parkinsons deprieved my father of his true love of after dinner speaking and writing. I have always wanted to raise money to stop others suffering in the same way.

Cancer has affected some very close friends, several close driving friends, and family.

Thanks for your donations:


The first part of our challenge has been completed. We finished first in the Hopetoun Horse Driving Trials, we had the best Dressage of the competition, Zoom and Eric were stars. We won the Fawcett Cup, it is a pity Tommy and Barbara Fawcett were not able to be there, we were thinking of them.


Well the event has passed and I have had time to reflect. Eric was a star he tried so hard, we won the ridden dressage in our class and went clear in the showjumping. The cross country was just too much for his check ligaments, I should have known, I retired. I am so proud of him, after winning the Welsh National Championship the previous weekend with Zoom.

Please continue to donate to these two worth while charities, the donation page is open until the end of October. Meanwhile Eric is having a few days off before he does what he knows best - taking a bride to her wedding at the weekend!


Eric and I went to East Lothian Pony Club Pick A Fence on 2 October. Eric was a star once again, no sore legs, we came away with the red rosette in the Adult Class. He really is an allrounder.


Thank you for all your donations. In total we raised £1,362.70