When Attending the Yard

We have decided to maintain various precautions at Seacliff Stables. In light of this, the following procedures have been implemented. Biosecurity Protocol.

Please note:

    • We have a small selection of hats and boots available for our not regular clients. We do ask anyone riding regularly to have their own safety equipment - hat (please check matches safety standards), boots (must have a small heel no less than 1/2 inch) and gloves. When purchasing a riding hat, please check it meets UK Standards. We have had several riders purchase hats online or in shops that do not meet these - usually they are missing the British Kite Mark.

    • Clean gloves to be worn throughout with an extra pair of gloves to be kept to hand.

    • On entering the yard use the hand sanitizer that is available at the entrance.

    • Wash clothes when you return home and wear a fresh set of clothes to the stables.

    • Do not attend the yard if you have tested positive for Covid-19, feel unwell in any way or are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

How will it work?

    • Wait to be greeted at the bench - there is a signpost. Please read ALL information provided at the waiting area.

    • Only riders (if under 18 then a guardian can accompany.

    • Clean hands with hand sanitizer and put on your clean gloves. Gloves are to be worn at all times, with an extra pair of gloves to be kept to hand.

    • Hand over completed Rider Registration Form.

Please read the Horse Rider's Code of Conduct before your visit.