When Attending the Yard

We have decided to maintain various precautions at Seacliff Stables. In light of this, the following procedures have been implemented. Biosecurity Protocol.

Please note:

    • We have a small selection of hats and boots available for our not regular clients. We do ask anyone riding regularly to have their own safety equipment - hat (please check matches safety standards), boots (must have a small heel no less than 1/2 inch) and gloves. When purchasing a riding hat, please check it meets UK Standards. We have had several riders purchase hats online or in shops that do not meet these - usually they are missing the British Kite Mark.

    • Payment should be taken before the ride (either via BACS or contactless) if this is not possible speak to the staff before attending the yard.

    • Due to a number of last minute cancellations we have had to implement a 24 hour cancellation policy. This will be a charge of 80% of the total cost.

    • Only riders to enter the yard, unless the rider is 17 and under years old, then a guardian can accompany.

    • Car park - Maximum of one car per rider in the car park.

    • Clean gloves to be worn throughout with an extra pair of gloves to be kept to hand.

    • On entering the yard use the hand sanitizer that is available at the entrance.

    • Wash clothes immediately when you return home and wear a fresh set of clothes to the stables.

    • Do not attend the yard if they are self-isolating, are in a household that is self-isolating, feel unwell in any way or are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

How will it work?

    • Wait to be greeted at the bench - there is a signpost. Please read ALL information provided at the waiting area.

    • Only riders (if under 18 then a guardian can accompany.

    • Clean hands with hand sanitizer and put on your clean gloves. Gloves are to be worn at all times, with an extra pair of gloves to be kept to hand.

    • Hand over completed Rider Registration Form.

    • A horse will be allocated and either tacked up or with tack on stand.

    • Riders to mount from the mounting block.

    • If required the ride leader can check the girth and stirrups once riders are mounted.

    • Once back horse to be returned to where it was previously tied - if more novice someone will help you.

    • If they wish the Rider can untack and leave on tack stand or in Tack room.

    • Unfortunately, after your ride, we asks that please do not spend additional time at the yard. We are only small and the car park can get rather busy.

Please read the Horse Rider's Code of Conduct before your visit.