Booking and Info


If you're based in the UK please call/text to book -Open Tuesday to Sunday. If there is no answer please leave us a message with information requested below. If you are based abroad please email us with the same information. Should you have have any questions/concerns please do not hesiate to ask. During busy periods calls are returned at the end of the day.

We are unable to confrim avalabilitie or book rides without the following information:

  • Name, contact number, date of ride;

  • Riders: Age - if 18 and under; height, weight and ability - see our explanation of our levels.

Should you be making a booking on behalf of someone else we ask for confirmation that they have read all the information below. We ask all riders to complete a Rider Registration Form and hand this over to the ride leader before their ride.

Please read the Horse Rider's Code of Conduct before your visit.

Although many Covid restrictions have now lifted we are maintaining some Biosecurity measures

Important Points


  • Due to a number of last minute cancellations we have had to implement a 24 hour cancellation policy. This will be a charge of 80% of the total cost.

  • Please arrive 20-15 minutes before the ride to allow time to get organised.

  • Single group bookings can be of mixed abilities and up to 10 riders (depending on height, weight and experience).

  • Rides run Tuesday to Sunday and typical times are: 9am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm.

  • One off sessions, during peak season, are encouraged to book Tuesday to Friday. Weekends are typically fully booked with regular riders.

  • 1.5hr session, suggest riders are of our experienced level - during peak season Tuesday to Thursday.

    • 8.15am to 9.45am

    • 12 plus £75 and 11 and under £55.


  • We do ask anyone riding regularly to have their own safety equipment - hat (please check matches safety standards), boots (must have a small heel no less than 1/2 inch) and gloves. When purchasing a riding hat, please check it meets UK Standards. We have had several riders purchase hats online or in shops that do not meet these - usually they are missing the British Kite Mark. We have a small selection of hats and boots available for our not regular clients.

  • We have a weight limit of 16 stone/101kg/224lbs.

  • We can take riders from 4 years old.

  • The pace you are able to go will depend on our assessment during the ride.

  • Our rides can be of mixed ability groups and guidance is given as you ride.

  • We try and split our rides into the following two groups with a maximum of 5 riders: Beginners and Novices; and Intermediate and above.

  • We provide guidance as you ride.

  • All our horses are trained to English aids. If you have ridden western or another style please note this can be very different.

Ride Format

  • We are unable to guarantee riders will get onto the beach, especially during peak season and spells of good weather. During these time we recommend a morning ride (typically 8.30 am), working around the tide times. We are happy to discuss this with you.

  • If we feel it is required we will use a lead rope or as we call them 'safety nets'.

  • Our rides focus on both horse and rider enjoying the ride. We use neck straps to help riders maintain their balance and will ask riders to hold on to these to ensure horses are comfortable.